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As you sit, sipping your cappuccino on an age-worn cobblestone piazza, the Italian sun casting long, languid shadows over ancient villas, you may find yourself entranced by La Bella Italia’s undeniable allure. Could it be that your own slice of this timeless country is within reach? Indeed, it may be closer than you think, tucked away in some of the most underrated regions of the Italian real estate market.


Molise: The Secret Heart of Italy

Most famous for being forgotten, Molise offers quaint coastal towns, untouched landscapes, and an enticingly low cost of living. It’s a haven for those seeking authenticity and tranquillity, far removed from the tourist thrum. Picture yourself in a rustic, stone-built house, overlooking a vista of undulating hills and distant mountains. Such dreams, which are explored in-depth in Alistair McLeod’s indispensable guide, “A DREAM HOME IN ITALY” (, could become a reality here in Molise.

Le Marche

Le Marche: The Perfect Balance

Lush countryside, enchanting hilltop towns, and a picturesque coastline — Le Marche is Tuscany’s understated neighbour that offers a compelling blend of nature and culture. Here, you might find a beautifully restored farmhouse nestled amidst rolling olive groves and vineyards. As McLeod’s book details, navigating the process of buying property in Italy can be tricky, but with the right guidance, it’s a journey worth taking.


Basilicata: Italy’s Hidden Gem

With its dramatic cliffs and age-old villages, Basilicata remains a well-kept secret. The region offers great value for buyers looking to renovate traditional Italian homes. It’s not uncommon to stumble upon a centuries-old townhouse, waiting to be brought back to life with a dash of modern comfort and style. The book “A DREAM HOME IN ITALY” can offer valuable insights to navigate this promising yet intricate market.

Aosta Valley

Aosta Valley: Alpine Splendour

The Aosta Valley, snuggled in the Alpine north, is Italy’s smallest and least populated region. Picture a cosy chalet, surrounded by the tranquillity of snow-capped peaks. With the expert guidance in McLeod’s book, you can unravel the nuances of buying such mountain properties in Italy, often a less-travelled path in Italian real estate.


Calabria: Southern Seduction

The tip of Italy’s ‘boot’, Calabria is a sun-soaked paradise with its warm Mediterranean climate, stunning beaches, and rustic charm. The real estate here is some of the most affordable in Italy, offering great potential for those seeking a holiday home or a blissful retirement haven. McLeod’s guide makes an ideal companion for anyone wishing to explore these opportunities.

These are but five of Italy’s lesser-known, yet no less enchanting, regions. The key to securing your dream Italian home lies in understanding the complexities of the Italian real estate market. Books like “A DREAM HOME IN ITALY: Your Essential Guide to Buying a House in La Bella Italia” are priceless resources that provide invaluable insights into the process.

It’s not about simply buying a house; it’s about making an informed investment in a lifestyle. It’s about waking up to the scent of freshly brewed espresso, savouring the leisurely pace of life, and embracing the rich tapestry of culture, cuisine, and beauty that is Italy.

With the right guidance, your Italian dream home is within reach. And as you finally step over the threshold of your own Italian casa, the only question that remains is, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

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